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Welcome to Support Fire Rescue:

Please help support your local Paid and Volunteer Fire and Rescue personnel by using the services and companies listed on this website.

When you have an emergency, you dial 911. Then the best and the bravest respond to assist you. These same individuals can help in other ways as well.

When HONOR and INTEGRITY are some of the qualities you insist on, look to SFR.

About SFR:

Support Fire Rescue (SFR) is a service dedicate to promoting businesses, services and products from Fire Fighters and other public safety personnel. Anyone that knows a Fire Fighter (or other public safety personnel) could probably tell you that most of us have at least one other job outside of the emergency services just to be able to pay the bills. There are also many, many volunteers out there in the emergency services that donate their time and often money to help their neighbors and community. This website is dedicated to them to help promote their businesses.

How does it work?

SFR provides an online listing service for these public safety personnel to list their products and services. We highly recommend that all public safety personnel promote the use of this site to their current customers that may need additional services, as well as the general public. In doing this, we will help our fellow rescue personnel and in return help our community and ourselves. To help promote our site all members will be given access to the following materials as well as many more in the future:

- SupportFireRecue business cards
- SupportFireRescue vehicle window decals
- We have also been asked about yard signs and are considering it if there is enough interest.

We will also be working on focused advertising in our community and coverage areas. We always welcome new advertising ideas and opportunities. We also plan to have a booth setup up at the Hickory Flat Fire Muster and any other Fire & Resuce events possible..

For example:

As a computer consultant I've been able to turn some of my clients on to companies for Telephone systems, web/e-mail hosting, Heating and Air, Electrical, and many other services provided by off duty and volunteer rescue personnel.

Special Thanks:

We would like to take time to give a special thanks to T&T Computer Consulting and Alpha Omega Hosting for thier continued support and making this website possible.



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